Our family has been growing aromatic herbs on our lands since before we can remember. In 2007, we grew into the crafting of essential oils, an endeavor that today, much like nature itself, flows seamlessly from origin to fruition.

Our 200-acre plot is made up of family-owned and associate-owned lands. Raw materials are sourced from this land as well as from the neighboring communities. This allows us to maintain our exacting standards for every stage of production, from the farm to the finish. This also ensures we play an active role in nurturing and developing the local communities.

Currently, our Steam Distillation unit has the capacity to process 250 to 300 tons of disintegrated raw materials on a monthly basis.

PH&O’s Fractional Distillation unit delivers fractionates of various essential oils for different industrial uses while the Oil Press and Herbal Extraction unit produces Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil and many more.

Everything produced is tested in-house at our own laboratory that’s fitted with the most cutting edge testing equipment. A GLC machine to test essential oils as well as carrier oils, a refractometer, polarimeter and several other such instruments measure the various parameters of the products. All of which ensures our clients only get products that meet the very highest of standards we’re known for.

PH&O is an HACCP, GMP-WHO and an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

To nurture, is in our nature.

65% of our workforce comprises women from neighboring villages. By paying them on par with men, we’ve created a talented and hardworking workforce of strong, independent women who command respect within their community. Our welfare programs provide services like free lunches, free healthcare check-ups and free medicines for all of the surrounding communities, not just those who work for us. Because nothing grows quite as well as a happy community.

We don’t live off this land, we live for it.

Environmental Impact

Which is why the waste from the steam distillation unit is used in making briquettes, which are further used in our own boilers to ensure that no coal is used.

Not being coal-dependent isn’t just about our preference; it’s about the needs of the land itself and the world at large.

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